2/25/18 – Jim McDiamid and Karen Hernandez – “Evolution of Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry”

2/28/18 Dr. Ruth Miller – “Anybody here seen my old friend Abraham?”

Tomorrow we celebrate the birth and life of one of America’s great leaders – a pacifist who was forced to fight an impossible war; husband of a slaveholder who championed emancipation; mournful mystic who foresaw his own death. He grew up in and honored a faith tradition that was begun by the man he was … Continued

3/4/18 Dr Marcia Pearce – Quantum Physics – Metaphysics – Imagination – Oh My!

“The odd couple of the 21st Century is the marriage of science and mysticism. Surprising as it may seem, we are now able to close the gap between imagination and fact, or the Divine and the human.” – Walter Starke. Science and religion have been coming closer togther for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. The … Continued

3/11/18 Dr Ruth Miller – “The Perennial Philosophy”

Unitarian-Universalists live a mixture of religious traditions, finding balance in the core of them all, which Aldous Huxley and others have called the Perennial Philosophy. Dr. Ruth Miller will give us a brief look at that core, and explore how we can choose to live in a way that honors all those traditions.

3/18/18 – Patti Godwin – “Gratitude”

3/25/18 Dr. Ruth Miller – “The Passion”

This is Palm Sunday in the Christian tradition, honoring the beginning of the process that led to the crucifixion and resurrection of the man we know as Jesus. It is also the week before Passover, one of the most important holy days in the Jewish tradition. Dr. Ruth Miller will share how both stories rely … Continued

4/8/18 Dr. Ruth Miller – “The Blessed Prophet Mohammed’s Ascension”

In a few days, all of Islam will celebrate an event that is the reason they consider Jerusalem one of their sacred sites. Although The Prophet lived, fought, and died in what is now Saudi Arabia, he had a vision – what may even have been a physical experience – that took place on the … Continued

4/15/18 – Sharon Schuman -“Compassionate Communication”

4/22/18 Dr. Ruth Miller – “Buddha’s Birthday”

Across East Asia, this week begins the season for celebrating the birth of the Enlightened One who, around 600bce, introduced humanity to the possibility of a life without dissatisfaction, a life of peace and harmony, a life of creative exploration. Dr. Ruth Miller, who has studied and worked with a number of Buddhist teachers, will … Continued

4/29/18 – Marcia Phillips – “Old Growth Forests and Wall Street”

5/13/18 Dr. Ruth Miller – Mother’s Day

5/27/18 Dr.Ruth Miller – Memorial Day

6/10/18 – Jason Gonzales – Oregon Wild’s Environment preservation

6/17/18 – Joseph Bernard

6/24/17 – Gary Baker – Business/Life Coach