10/22/17 – Dr. Ruth Miller – FOUNDERS’ DAY Compassion in human relations

The Florence Unitarian Universalist Fellowship was founded in the belief that there must be some people in the area who are committed to understanding and improving our human relations. Today we will celebrate that foundation and explore possibilities for the future.

10/29/17 Nin Babeau – Day of the Dead

11/5/17 – Dr. Marcia Pearce – Welcome Home

The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are, and not be questioned. – Maya Angelou

It is good to know that all we need to do to find peace is to come home. Knowing that we can return daily to our place of peace strengthens our ability to withstand the chaos that the world seems intent on throwing our way. Billy Joel sings a song called “My Life” which contains the line ‘Either way, it’s okay, you wake up with
You are who you go home to. It doesn’t matter what others think of you. What matters is what you think of yourself. What matters is that you give yourself the gift of loving respect. Loving yourself is the best way to begin loving the world, helping to heal the chaos, and whispering to all “Welcome Home”.

11/12/17 – Dr. Ruth Miller – Words of the Prophets

For “the people of the Book”, the “Abrahamic” traditions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, prophets are very important. For certain Christian sects, people still experience this “gift of the Spirit” and share the words they receive. Many people in America today are organizing their lives around biblcal prophecies and are making political as well as personal decisions based on them. Join us as Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller explores what prophets we, as Unitarian Universalists, follow, what prophecies we pay attention to, and what prophecies we need to be paying attention to in today’s changing world.

11/26/17 – Dr. Ruth Miller- Advent

Today is the first Sunday of a Christian tradition that has evolved substantially over the past several hundred years, merging bits and pieces from many cultures and spiritual paths. Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller will help us honor the season and see how and why it is what it is – and discover what it can be for people seeking to deepen their spiritual lives and values.

12/3/17 – Dr. Marcia Pearce

12/10/17 – Rev. Sarah Schurr

12/24/17 – Dr. Ruth Miller – Yuletide Celebration

We’re used to thinking of this day as Christmas Eve, but its roots are far more ancient… this is the last day of the Solstice, meaning the “standing sun”, and tonight the new Son of the Sun is born, to rise tomorrow with the dawn of a new year. Join us as we celebrate with ancient and modern traditions – and bring greens, please, to Deck the Halls!