6/24/17 – Susanne Mann-Heintz – Bab and Bahaullah

The years 2017 and 2019 mark the 200th anniversaries of the births of The Bab and Baha’u’llah, the twin divine teachers who started the Baha’i Faith in the Middle East in 1844. The Florence Unitarian Universalists Fellowship has asked Suzanne Mann-Heintz to share some stories about the lives of these two important personages at their … Continued

7/1/18 Dr. Marcia Pearce

7/8/18 Dr. Ruth Miller – 1776

Two centuries, four decades, and two years ago, several dozen men gathered day after day in the heat of summer, debating and struggling to understand the best next step for them – and the colonies they represented – to take in response to what seemed to be increasingly unreasonable demands from the British crown. It … Continued

7/15/18 Rev. Stephen Landale

7/22/18 Dr. Ruth Miller – Power of Reason

8/5/18 – Dr. Marcia Pearce

8/12/18 – Dr. Ruth Miller – Resilience – The Key to Thriving

Before becoming a minister, Dr. Miller studied and practiced the systems sciences, within which a basic principle, called resilience, explains when and how a system thrives. She also studied ecology, and it turns out there is a similar theory in that field. In her program today, she’ll share the theories and how they apply to … Continued

8/19/18 Marcia Phillips

8/26/18 – Dr. Ruth Miller -Labor in the Emerging Culture – A Vision for the Future

We’re coming up on Labor Day weekend, yet western industrial culture has reached a turning point: human labor produces less than machine labor, and there are fewer jobs for those who work with their hands than for those who work with their heads. Karl Marx predicted this time, and it has come. What does that … Continued

9/2/18 – Dr. Marcia Pearce