4/30/17 Dr. Stephen Kerner and Donna Becker – Palliative Care

Dr. Stephen Kerner and Donna Becker, Medical Social Worker, will be speaking about the Palliative Care program in Florence. Starting a Palliative Care program in Florence has been a dream of Dr. Kerner’s for many years. The program has had a number of successes thus far, even though the program is just beginning. The program has the potential to serve many medically frail people in the Florence community.

The ultimate goal of the Peace Harbor Palliative Care program is to enhance comfort and to improve the quality of life for people who have a life-limiting illness. This presentation will include information about why Palliative Care is so important in our society and in this community. Specifics about the Peace Harbor Palliative Care program will be reviewed including the objectives and goals, the patients served, the services provided, and the program’s successes and challenges.

5/7/17 DR. Marcia Pearce – ‘Looking for God in all the Right Places.’

“The secret of change is to focus your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”. Socrates.

It is not surprising, as the popular song says, that we are “Searching for love in all the wrong places.” It seems that we are always searching for something more – better – different. “Perhaps’, says Dr. Marcia Pearce, ‘we are looking up the wrong tree.” (pun intended) Can it be that we need to be looking to the source of our longings for our answers? Dr. Pearce will share from personal experience, some ideas that made her life’s ride far less bumpy and also, completely fulfilling.

5/14/17 – Dr.. Ruth Miller – Mother’s Day

The Mother presence gives rise to all the material of life – and is alive in all of us, male and female, for the nurturance of life and wellbeing in our lives and those around us. Honoring the ancient and modern traditions surrounding the idea of mothering helps us feel our connection with all of the interconnected web of life – past, present, and future.

5/28/17 Dr. Ruth Miller – Life After Life – experiences of love surviving death

This is Memorial Day weekend. It’s a time when Americans stop to remember those who have passed on from this life – in their families, and in the many wars this country has been part of. Our culture has a hard time with the idea of death and grief, partly because of our attachment to a materialist view that says “only what I can see and touch exists.” Yet most other cultures on the planet recognize death as simply the shedding of a body, and more and more evidence is surfacing that supports that idea. Rev Ruth Miller, who is working on a research project exploring the reality of communication with “discarnate beings,” will share some of the evidence suggesting that a loving relationship never really ends.

6/4/17 Dr. Marcia Pearce

6/18/17 Dr. Ruth Miller – Father’s Day

Today we honor the masculine parental figure. The Father is the motivating teacher, provider, and protector in virtually every human culture, and how we relate to the father in our lives has a huge impact on our experiences. Rev Ruth Miller will draw on psychology and anthropology to explore: How did the Father-god replace the Mother-god in human history? How has that changed the way we relate to the planet? To each other? What do we need to do to be at peace with the father-presence in each and every one of us?