2/18/18 – Pip Cole – “Identify – Self and Selflessness”

Cole will talk about how we identity ourselves and what keeps us from seeing who we really are? He says, “People go to a presentation, or lecture with the expectation that they will get something out of it; gain some knowledge. Meditation, which is the spiritual practice I am most familiar with, is not like … Continued

2/11/18 Dr. Ruth Miller – Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend Abraham?

This Monday the 12th, we celebrate the birth and life of one of America’s great leaders – a pacifist who was forced to fight an impossible war; husband of a slaveholder who championed emancipation; mournful mystic who foresaw his own death. He grew up in and honored a faith tradition that was begun by the … Continued

2/4/18 Dr. Marcia Pearce – If Only We had Known!

I share with you a small portion of a much longer poem by Fenwicke Holmes – brother of Ernest Holmes: “Think not of self as mean or small, In you is comprehended all. All the world is compassed by The light within, the inner eye. In you God sees, in you God hears in you … Continued