6/17/18 – Dr. Ruth Miller – Fathers Day

“We are the fathers, blessed with a gentle strength” is a line in a song reminding us that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Since Jesus the Nazarene is said to have referred to the power he relied on as “Daddy” and “Father” Christianity has woven divinity and fatherhood into one complicated strand. … Continued

6/10/18 – Jason Gonzales – Oregon Wild’s Environment Preservation

“Jason will present on Oregon Wild’s decades long work to protect and defend Oregon’s wild places, wildlife and waters, and his work on the Oregon Coast, where he organizes with local community groups who are working to protect their drinking watersheds from the dangerous impacts of industrial clearcutting and aerial spray.”  

6/3/17 Dr. Marcia Pearce – The Dual Law of Thought.

The Dual Law of Thought. There are a few great laws that govern all thinking, just as there are a few fundamental laws in chemistry. We are all well aware that controlling our thoughts is key to moving ourselves in our own desired direction. We also know how difficult it can be to ‘dismiss’ a … Continued