6.25.17 Amber Rose – Living Interconnections

Living Interconnections

We know that we are part of a large web of life that is interconnected, but what does that mean day-to-day, or when you watch the news. Do you wonder how you can live in connection with a world that can seem so divided? Do you want to be able to live your principles, but at times you feel separate? Rev. Amber Rose Dullea will explore how you can remember your connections and live!

6/18/17 Dr. Ruth Miller – Father’s Day

Today we honor the masculine parental figure. The Father is the motivating teacher, provider, and protector in virtually every human culture, and how we relate to the father in our lives has a huge impact on our experiences. Rev Ruth Miller will draw on psychology and anthropology to explore: How did the Father-god replace the Mother-god in human history? How has that changed the way we relate to the planet? To each other? What do we need to do to be at peace with the father-presence in each and every one of us?

6/11/17 John Ramonda – Income Inequality and the Need for a Living Wage for All Workers

The United States Government reports that about 15% of all people and over 20% of all children currently live in “poverty,” as poverty is defined by the Government Poverty Level (GPL).
In fact, the GPL is not a valid measure of poverty and a far greater percentage of people lack the means for a modest, but decent life. The very harmful impact of impoverishment on the children lays the foundation for continuing impoverishment throughout future generations of the family.

This talk will deal with the magnitude of the problem and some reasons why the concept of a minimum wage should be replaced by a living wage. That a living wage is a moral imperative is clear. The goal of this work is to convince business, and the legion of economists who will disagree, that a living wage is also good for business.