8/12/18 – Dr. Ruth Miller – Resilience – The Key to Thriving

Before becoming a minister, Dr. Miller studied and practiced the systems sciences, within which a basic principle, called resilience, explains when and how a system thrives. She also studied ecology, and it turns out there is a similar theory in that field. In her program today, she’ll share the theories and how they apply to … Continued

8/5/18 – Dr. Marcia Pearce – Entertaining Angels Unaware

“Be not afraid to have strangers in your house, for some thereby have entertained angels unaware.”​  — Heb. 13:2 Records throughout the centuries point to the existence of angels.  Some people feel that it’s silly, naive, or even delusional to believe in angels.  We’re taught to believe in what we can see, hear, touch,  measure and weigh. … Continued

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