10-14-18 Rev. Dr. Ruth L Miller – Before the Europeans Arrived

We honor one European for “discovering” the Americas but have little knowledge of what was here before he arrived. Dr. Miller draws on her work as an anthropologist to help us begin to comprehend the richness and complexity of cultures that populated North America prior to 1492 – and, in the process, reminds us that … Continued

10-7-18 Suzanne Mann-Heintz – The Hopes of Our Children

“When I attended high school it was in a brand new building.  What a joy it was to go from a run-down middle school to something special.  It was light, roomy, and made me sit up and be a proud Guilford Viking. My school was in Rockford, Illinois and that was 1965.  The commitment my … Continued

9-30-18 Dr. Mel Gurtov – Is Peace with Iran & N Korea Possible?

Dr. Mel Gurtov has just published a book, Engaging Adversaries, that explores the Trump administration’s policy toward two adversaries:  North Korea and Iron. He will offer critical insights on the recent Trump/Kim summit meeting and Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Iran nuclear deal.

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