Rev. Dr. Marcia Pearce – PYGMALION – Why we grow our own stories

The original story of the sculptor Pygmalion (of Greek Mythology) bears little resemblance to any of the George Bernard Shaw creations that bore the name Pygmalion – also known to many as “My Fair Lady”.  Similarly, our own well known
Bible  has
brought us a plethora of spectacular movies that needed a few ‘adjustments’ to become worthy of our praise and our awards, not to mention the creation of a few millionaires.

The Pygmalion of mythology was by all accounts a very fine sculptor, yet he has more or less disappeared into the dust of history.  It would seem to be the changes we have made to his story that have
propelled it into modern day life – and we have loved it!  So what caused Shaw’s changes to give the original  story
several new lives?  And, why,  more recently – have even more changes brought us into the movie theatres in droves? The underlying theme was always the same.

There is within each one of us a Spiritual Imperative to personal growth that will not be denied. It awaits only our recognition and our willingness  to
say  ‘yes’.  While it is different for each,  it brings us together in love, life, peace and

Hugs and Blessings,
Dr. Marcia.