July 29, 2018 -Aurora J Miller – Butterfly Soup

Aurora J. Miller, author of Butterfly Soup: A Guide to Changing Your Life will bring her transformational methodologies to the Florence Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on Sunday July 29th from 10 until 11:00 a.m. Her talk will define some of the primary reasons people struggle to make improvements in their lives, and offer suggestions on how to use your inner truth to accomplish your dreams.

Miller says, “Forty-one percent of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution, only 9% succeed.” If you want to be part of the 9% who accomplish their goals, come hear some great advice on how you can set yourself up for success. In Butterfly Soup, Miller has distilled elements of psychology, anthropology, political science, systems theory, and metaphysics into a guidebook that can help anyone understand why they are experiencing emotional or spiritual pain, and how they can move into a state of joyous empowerment.