9/11/16 – Nin Bebeau – “Our Inner Divinity.”

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N*I*N  has two Master of Arts Degrees in Transpersonal Psychology and Counseling. She and her husband, Charles Bebeau, founded four graduate schools for Archetypal Psychotherapy and Healing. The second school, Boulder College had 20 teachers and 200 students. At the third school, Avalon Institute, N*I*N created new innovative forms of education. As a spiritual teacher, she founded the Qadisha, a priestesshood of women; as a peaceworker, she went on several peace missions including one to North Korea, and a journey around the world, lecturing on how we can work together as a global family.

“The Art of Self-Love is the core generating force for creating peaceful coexistence on this small planet. In a world torn by constant change, where do we find a constant sanctuary of safety? Come to Sunday’s Service and explore the possibilities,” she says.