7/1/18 Dr. Marcia Pearce – The Unseen Power of the Sub-Conscious Mind.

“No mortal has yet measured his full force.
His, a river, rising in God’s thought
and emptying in the soul of man.
– Wilcox, – from The Unseen Pattern.

A brief study of the work of Carl Jung makes clear his belief that so long as we remain in ignorance of the power of our sub-conscious mind, just so long does it remain a great unused force that can prove either hazardous to our welfare, or bring us all the wisdom necessary to live a fulfilling life.

“We are each bound by our own consciousness, but above all other living creatures, only the human being has the power to build himself up individually, to create and express his own unique unseen power.” So writes Dr. Venice Bloodworth. Dr. Marcia Pearce agrees.

We are each building own world from within, and thought is the builder, with the sub-conscious as a powerful assist. Remember, you would not be here unless your sub-conscious mind held the pattern by which you live.