6/17/16 Rev. Cynthia D. Clayton – Are We Immortal?

Understanding the Human Body of Light

Ancient sacred texts from most world religions and mystery schools proclaim: “You came from the light!” and, “You are returning to the light!” With increased consciousness we have finally arrived at the realization, “We ARE the Light!”

Science now joins esoteric knowledge with findings that the human body actually, literally converts into a body of light during the next stage of human evolution.

Remember the movie, “Cocoon”? It didn’t look like a bad way “to go”, did it? Come learn how the Golden Body in Taoism, Rainbow Body in Buddhism, and Resurrection Body in Christianity are three ways of understanding this inner truth of our being.

Presented by Rev. Cynthia D. Clayton, Ph.D., with copies of her book, Transform into Lightbody. (edited by Dr. Ruth Miller)

Cynthia holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree specializing in Metaphysical Counseling, and created InnerEnergyMatrix©, Life-Mastery Classes and Coaching. She teaches Practical Metaphysics and Mindfulness Meditation at Oregon Coast Community College. She is a licensed minister from both the Sufi Ruhaniat International and the International Metaphysical Ministry (I.M.M.), who speaks and hosts workshops at several New Thought centers, spiritual retreats, festivals, and colleges.