5/5/18 Dr. Marcia Pearce – Abundance is Thine

“I’v been rich and I’ve been poor, but believe me, rich is much better”. – Sophie Tucker

The title for my Sunday talk this month, comes from the Bible – “Abundance is thine, saith the Lord”. Well, forgive me, but I wish they had written “A consciousness of abundance is thine . . .”
We spend so much time working, praying and treating for the abundance and prosperity that we don’t have, that we are giving our energy to what we don’t need – lack!

The first and most simple thing we can do for ourselves (and the world) is define waht we mean by ‘abundance’. There’s really no wrong answer, unless of course, we want what
belongs to someone else. The great thing is that we all have available to us what we each individually need. It just needs a little adjustment in consciousness to bring it forth.

“The good man is the bad man’s teacher, and the bad man is the good man’s material; the good man must love his material and the bad man must value his teacher, if there is to
be profit for both.’ – Lao Tzu