4/1/18 Dr. Marcia Pearce – The Relevance of Easter for Us – Today.

“Jesus, the Christ, is easily the most important figure that has ever appeared in the history of mankind. This is true whether you choose to call him God or man. His teachings have influenced the course of human history more than those of any other man who ever lived.”
– Emmet Fox.

“Jesus discerned Spiritual Truth. Why or how we do not know, nor does it make any difference. The world has not produced another like him, and until it does, he must recieve a unique place in the history of human character.”
– Ernest Holmes.

“I agree with all of the above” says Dr. Marcia Pearce, “And I love the symbolic colored eggs and Peeps and Easter Bunnies. But what does the Resurrection Celebration really mean for us today?”
There is something much more potent, waiting to be discovered – individually – unique to each one of us right now.

Join us on Easter Sunday. Take home with you, a piece of Jerusalem Stone, upon which you may inscribe your own ‘seed’ word for your personal re-birth in this time of spring renewal.