3/4/18 Dr Marcia Pearce – Quantum Physics – Metaphysics – Imagination – Oh My!

“The odd couple of the 21st Century is the marriage of science and mysticism. Surprising as it may seem, we are now able to close the gap between imagination and fact, or the Divine and the human.” – Walter Starke.

Science and religion have been coming closer togther for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. The process, along with our modern day technology is now speeding up, and we are being required to re-think what used to be our spiritual ‘norms’. We can’t close our eyes to the discomfort of these developments, we can instead translate them into their spiritual potential, and the values we may have been missing. Rev. Dr. Marcia Pearce suggests that with the entire universe as creative potential, we can choose to perceive things differently. We can focus on what’s good and what’s right.