11/20/16 Dr. Shariff Abdullah – “Healing Our Divides – Creating a World That Works for All”

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“Regardless of how you voted, you can’t help but notice that there are deep divisions in this country. And, you may also have noticed that our leaders appear unprepared to heal these divisions. This is to be expected. After all, the job doesn’t belong to them. It belongs to YOU.”

Recognized as this year’s “Spiritual Hero” by Science of Mind magazine, noted author and spiritual visionary Dr. Shariff Abdullah will speak at FUUF on Sunday, November 20, 2016, on how we can build a society that truly works for all beings, not just the rich, the powerful, or the politically connected.

“Around the world, I interact with Presidents and Prime Ministers, as well as poor rice farmers and blue collar workers. All of us want the same things… to live at peace, to live with security, to experience fulfillment. We can have all of these things – so long as we are not trying to deny them to others.”