Our Governance

Florence Unitarian Univrsalist Fellowship is a lay-led congregation.

Every year on the first Sunday in June we hold our annual meeting. It is here that the Members vote to elect the members of the Board of Directors, adopt a budget, and to renew our vision for the coming year. During the year the Board meets monthly to carry out the vision of the Members.

What is a Lay-Led Congregation?

‘Lay-led congregations’ are ones that lead themselves without a full-time minister. Unitarian Universalism has a proud history of congregational lay leadership that can be traced to the Fellowship Movement that began in 1948. Some congregations, such as ours, still call themselves fellowships as an outcome of this movement.

At FUUF, we are proud to be a lay-led congregation. Lay leaders in our Fellowship are responsible for every aspect of our organization. Through volunteer committees and elected congregational boards, lay leaders manage most aspects of our Unitarian Universalist Fellowship life, including:

      Organizing and leading worship services
      Choosing religious education curricula
      Leasing and maintaining facilities
      Managing finances
      Determining the congregation’s position on social justice issues
      Determining the vision and growth of our Fellowship

As strong believers in the Democratic process, being a lay-led congregation is an important aspect of our UU Fellowship here in Florence.