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5/7/17 DR. Marcia Pearce – ‘Looking for God in all the Right Places.’

“The secret of change is to focus your energy, not on fighting the
old, but on building the new”. Socrates.

It is not surprising, as the popular song says, that we are “Searching
for love in all the wrong places.” It seems that we are always
searching for something more – better – different.
“Perhaps’, says Dr. Marcia Pearce, ‘we are looking up the wrong tree.”
(pun intended) Can it be that we need to be looking to the source of
our longings for our answers? Dr. Pearce will share from personal
experience, some ideas that made her life’s ride far less bumpy and
also, completely fulfilling.

Ever since our first visit in the summer of 2010 we were made to feel welcome and needed as part of a loving active community. The dedication of the members to creating a vibrant lay-led expression of faith Read the full testimonial.

My late husband Bruce and I have been members since 2007, when we found our tribe with FUUF.

When my husband passed away in 2011, after taking treatments at an integrative cancer clinic for months in Seattle,  I returned home alone to Florence as a widow.   I will never forget the outpouring of love Read the full testimonial.

"I'm pleased and proud to be a part of the Florence UU Fellowship.  This is my spiritual home -- the place I come to be inspired and remain connected to long-time acquaintances and to meet new friends along the way.  This is where I seek to keep my soul alive.  Read the full testimonial.

In my spiritual quest I want loving, open minded,connected community support and acceptance  for my learning and sense of belonging.  I’ve found this Read the full testimonial.

With their warm welcome to me as a Florence newcomer, FUUF offered me the acceptance of my personal religious beliefs whatever they may be, new friends, the challenge Read the full testimonial.